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We are a print & digital marketing partner

What we do

TGF Consulting, Inc. provides affordable customized websites, designs infographics and social media graphics, and creates print and digital marketing materials.
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Our Services

We provide a wide array of design services.

Affordable Small Business Websites

TGF Consulting specializes in creating WordPress websites that are not only attractive, but are affordable as well.

Print & Digital Marketing Materials

TGF Consulting designs business cards, print & digital flyers, postcards, pop-up banners, as well as reports and event programs.

Social Media Graphics

From cover photos to Instagram posts,
TGF Consulting, Inc. can create custom graphics that meet your social media needs.


TGF Consulting utilizes data visualization techniques to present complex information clearly and quickly


Tangie Fleming

Founder & President

TGF Consulting, Inc. is owned and operated by Tangie Fleming, a wife, mother, and dog-lover who enjoys seeing goals reached by both people and organizations.   With two degrees from NC State University and a graduate certificate in entrepreneurship from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC-Chapel Hill, Tangie has a diverse educational background that also includes doctoral coursework in program evaluation.  Additionally, Tangie has an employment and consulting background that includes her serving as a statistician at several NCAA basketball tournament games, managing multiple research and professional development conferences, researching the school-to-prison pipeline, and working with groups that encourage students to pursue graduate education.  In each endeavor, the experience involved an opportunity to help others in some way, whether it was providing coaches with the data they needed to help their teams win, or providing conference participants or students with information to help them to be more successful.  Helping others is the driving force behind TGF Consulting, Inc. – it is here to help businesses, organizations, and people tgforward, tgrow faster, and to say “thank goodness for” consulting!


  • Tangie is very talented and amazingly responsive.

    Tangie is very talented and amazingly responsive. I’m in the communication business and she definitely exemplifies effective communications! She listens to her clients’ needs and works hard to give them exactly what they want. Tangie created my logos and developed my website- and I’m incredibly happy with both. In fact, I’ve received many compliments on all of the things she has done for me. I know I can always count on Tangie to respond to questions (of which I have often have many) and to create quality products for my business.

    Tangie is very talented and amazingly responsive.
    Pat Fontana
  • TGF Consulting is awesome!

    TGF Consulting is awesome! Tangie’s knowledge and understanding of graphic design and its application is phenomenal, her professionalism is outstanding, her attention to detail is impressive, and her response to our constant last minute crises is always much appreciated! We plan to use TGF Consulting for our future website and graphic design needs.

    TGF Consulting is awesome!
    Geraldine Cochran, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor/Education Consultant
    Rutgers University
  • Tangie, thank you for always making me look good!

    Before I hit send on any major deliverable, Tangie Fleming is consulted. She has a gift for capturing the essence of what you aim to communicate and translating your written text into a product that is visually accessible and appealing to a wide variety of audiences.  To top it off, her warm professionalism and can-do attitude always lower my anxiety and provides a boost of confidence to see the project through to a glorious end.  Tangie, thank you for always making me look good!

    Tangie, thank you for always making me look good!
    Karyl Askew, Ph.D.
    Professional Program Evaluator

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